Every phrase and every sentence is an end and a beginning.

Every poem an epitaph.

/ T.S.Eliot /

domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

- Marina Abramovic -

How do you teach performance? It seems impossible. And we know that something you don't teach is charisma. You can't teach energy. You can't teach energy. This experience, the experience of releasing energy in that way, it can only be reached if you go to the ocean, if you go to volcanos, if you go to the top of the mountains, if you go to nature or to people who have ancient knowledge. Teaching is like cleaning the ground in the Autumn. The moment you succeed to clean the ground, the leaves are back. But you have to trust your master if they say you must clean the ground. For performance, the collapse of the rational mind is very important. Sleeping, standing, walking or doing whatever it is, or even doing nothing, it seems like the work of a crazy person. Doing this for five minutes can be ok, but imagine doing this for two months. That learning can't be done from a book, you have to do it yourself. The artist affects the molecules of the air around them in long durational works. Those molecules touch the public. That's a miracle. Face the fear, overcome the fear. There's a key to creation: Never grow up. Never miss the child attitude. Be curious. Don't repeat yourself.

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